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6월 13일(화)
⭐ALL IN LOVE WITH SUNG HANBIN⭐ HANBIN ✨, the MOTHER of ZB1 🌹 A singer and dancer, with moves like no one ✨ Waacking and tutting, SLAYING with every move 🕺🪩 Our love for him, is in the groove ❤️‍🔥 His charming eyes, they light up our days 🌝 His kindness, is like a warm embrace 🫂 His gentle calming voice, it's like a soothing wave 🌬️ Our love for him is forever engraved 💖 His red face, is like a cute little rose 🐹 We're his ALL IN, we're his ZE_ROSE🌹 Thank you for being a part of ZEROBASEONE 💙 Thank you for being a part of our lives, our tone 🎶 Thank you for being you, for being true 🫶 Our love for you, it'll always renew. 💕 A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HANBIN, KEEP SHINING 🌟 ~ TIA from India #ShiningACESungHanbin #HanbinDaySpecial #EverythingILoveAboutSungHanbin
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