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[📝] 챌린지 위드 미 Day 22 - 콘텐츠를 보면서 가장 친구하고 싶은 멤버❤️
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I would love to be friends with any of you guys, its hard to pick. Took me awhile to think but I would say Chaeyoung, Hayoung, or Jiwon. I seriously tried to limit it, it hurt to only choose 3. Chaeyoung because you can tell she really cares about others like how she had a whole video on her guessing stuff her members did. Like she pays attention and actually cares Hayoung because she also listens like when she goes to the store “Jiheon told me she likes this, I will buy it for her” she remembers the little things. Jiwon because she is so funny and such a sweetheart I would love to have somebody around like her, she can change the mood so fast.
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