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6월 12일(월)
[📝] 챌린지 위드 미 Day 7 - 멤버별 최애 무대
6월 13일(화) 오전 00:00 (KST), blip 앱
새롬 - (MCOUNTDOWN_2021.09.02): - Song title: Talk & Talk - One of my favorite hairstyles to go with the outfit 하영 - (MCOUNTDOWN_2022.01.20): - Song title: DM - The cow outfit, one of my favorites 지원 - (Inkigayo_2022.07.03): - Song title: Stay This Way - Perfect summer outfit to go with the summer vibes of the song 지선 - (Inkigayo_2022.01.30): - Song title: DM - I will always remember the tiger ending fairy moment 서연 - (MCOUNTDOWN_2021.05.20): - Song title: We Go - Good to see you back on stage, rocking it as always 채영 - (MusicBank_2022.07.01): - Song title: Stay This Way - Off the shoulder, you always perform summer songs well 나경 - (Inkigayo_2021.05.23): - Song title: We Go - Intro fairy of many songs, but I really like We Go 지헌 - (Inkigayo_2022.01.23): - Song title: DM - Maknae’s angelic look in the all white outfit It was really hard to choose just one. Also, I’m sure #menow/Attitude will produce some legendary stages for the members.
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